Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that focuses on the anomalies of the constitution, growth and position of teeth and maxillary bones; it is exclusively realized by the dentists and orthognathic professionals.

It focuses on preventing, eliminating, or weakening these anomalies by keeping or taking back the chewing organs and the facial profile to the right position. 

The orthodontic technique of the transparent masks, also known as “invisible orthodontics”, is the most discreet solution to achieve the best results: many adults, daily involved in work and sport, are forced to give up a healthy smile and well-aligned teeth due to bothers caused by traditional fixed braces.

This technique allows an innovative approach to orthodontics. On one hand it preserves the principles and the aims of traditional orthodontics like diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation of malocclusions; on the other hand, it does not use the typical braces consisting in metal or ceramic brackets, that cause embarrassment to the patients due to their visibility, but it imposes the application of thin masks made of transparent polyethylene.

This is how the treatment works: after establishing if the invisible orthodontics is the right treatment, the dentist draws up a detailed plan by which it will be realised the transparent masks. These ones will progressively straighten the teeth.

This is how they work: when masks are replaced, teeth move slowly, week by week, until they assume the correct final position, defined by the dentist. Duration of the treatment is different for everyone because it is connected to the individual orthodontic correction. This technique also gives a planning of 3D virtual treatment that shows the teeth moving process in time and it enables to observe the final look of the teeth.

Ortodonzia mascherine trasparenti invisibili - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

The main advantages: masks are invisible, they do not create aesthetical problems, they do not change the pronunciation, they are removable during meals and enable the daily oral hygiene.