Paediatric dentistry takes care of the oral health of young patients from birth to youth.

Paediatric dentist, thanks to its cultural and psychological skill, can establish a good trustful and cooperative relationship, that is necessary for oral health.

Children and teenagers need a different behavioural approach according to their age.

Dentista Pediatrico - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

Paediatric dentist is an expert in these methods, and he can monitor, improve, and prevent problems with development phase of the teeth and maxillary bones. He treats and prevents dental caries that otherwise can lead to tooth decay.       

Prevention is the right way

Dummy, sweets, juices, snacks. Saying “no” to all of this is not the right way.

Preventing dental diseases is important because with healthy teeth comes a healthy body.

Our family plays a fundamental role to prevent dental diseases.

Dentista Pediatrico - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

That is why we want to help you parents to know the prevention together with your children, and also by giving you suggestions for a rational and efficient use of the dental services.

Mom is the most important person

Children learn from adults by observing them, not by listening to them.

Mom is the first reference point for children, the first example to learn from.

Show your child serenely how much you love brushing your teeth and do it together; he will learn to appreciate faster its importance.

Dentista Pediatrico - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

Brush the teeth from 0 to 3 years, even if there are not any.

Wrap your finger in a sterile damp gauze and rub it on the gingiva, on the tongue and cheeks of your child.

Tell and explain your child what you do: even if he does not understand you, your voice will reassure him and it will direct him towards a good habit, in addition to help him to understand the importance of brushing teeth regularly when he will grow up.

Dentista Pediatrico - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

In this way he will not accumulate bacteria and it will be a great way to practice up to three years, when he will be able to brush his teeth independently. In fact, your child around three years of age will want to brush his teeth without your help. Let him take the toothbrush, bite it, chew it and help him to brush his teeth correctly.

From four-to-six years of age

Deciduous teeth last only a few years, but they are important for many different reasons. The most important one is they will guide the permanent teeth

Child must brush his teeth on his own at least twice a day.

Dentista Pediatrico - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

Over six years

The first permanent teeth of your child appear at this age.

From six years of age deciduous central incisors are replaced with the permanent ones and the first permanent molars erupt without replacing any deciduous teeth.

Dentista Pediatrico - Centro Odontoiatrico Grimaldi - Bologna

This phase is called “mixed dentition stage” because it is characterized by a simultaneous presence of deciduous and permanent teeth. From now on teeth will be permanent.